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Bleaching was elected in this case to improve the colour of this healthy smile. This patient is a non-smoker and had few fillings on his front teeth that needed replacing after bleaching.

Crowns and Bridges: CASE 1

Non-metal CERCON crowns were the treatment of choice in this case to improve this smile. The pre-existing teeth had large fillings, were discoloured and were misaligned.

Crowns and Bridges: CASE 2

Non-metal CERCON crowns were elected to cosmetically improve the discoloured appearance of these two front teeth. They both had root canals due to previous trauma.

Crowns and Bridges: CASE 3

Four front non-metal CERCON crowns are to be cemented to cosmetically improve worn out front teeth.

Crowns and Dentures

This patient was missing several teeth which were all replaced with a denture.

Composite Resin: CASE 1

Mind the gap! Composite resin was added to minimize the appearance of the gap between this patient’s front teeth.

Composite Resin: CASE 2

In minutes, discoloured and worn down teeth can be restored to their original shape and contour. This provides a quick and affordable temporary solution in situations where the bite is collapsed and ideally a full mouth rehabilitation is required.

Composite Resin: CASE 3

This chipped front tooth was quickly fixed with a bit of bonding and composite...can you tell where the filling was?


We treat adult and select child orthodontic cases.


This patient was missing both upper and lower front teeth. Each missing upper tooth was replaced with an implant and all four lower teeth were replaced with two implants to function as an implant bridge.


Teeth were cosmetically aligned and brightened with upper veneers.